martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Sfera – Arnaldo Pomodoro

Dublino, Trinity College

Donata dall’artista al Trinity College, Sfera è una forse la scultura più celebre di Pomodoro che ne colloca una similare anche nella piazza delle Nazioni Unite a New York, a Berkeley in California, al Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Tehran e nel cortile del Belvedere a Roma. La sua forma, nonché la riflettenza, hanno ispirato a John Scattergood il poema, Six ways of looking at a Pomodoro (Sei modi per guardare un pomodro), riportato di seguito. Ringrazio Alessandro Forlin per le immagini.

The Sphere is may be the most known sculpture by Pomodoro who has donated a similar one to the United Nations plaza in New York, to the University of California at Berkeley, to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, and one sphere is also in the Cortile del Belvedere at The Vatican Museums. The shape and its surface have inspired the John Scattergood’s poem, Six ways of looking at a Pomodoro (Thanks to Alessandro Forlin for the images).

He breaks the universal sphere's
Machine-smoothed skin,
To show the meshing gears
And cogs within.

Like a polished astrolabe's
Locked planes and bars,
Subjecting human fates
To sun and stars.

Like some bright orrery's
Elliptic rounds,
Confining planetary ways
In metal bands.

Like Paley's sublime watch
With opened back,
The tightened springs that stretch,
Pinion and rack.

Or like the cosmic egg's
Half-splintered shell,
Revealing sharpened beaks
And teeth that kill.

Or like his namesake fruit,
With row on row
Of seeds awaiting use,
Which splits to grow.